Feel Inspired

Watch this video for an inspiring message about this year's theme.

Talent Show

Bristol's Got Talent

Bristol convention wouldn't be the same without it - Monday morning sees our annual talent show. Whether it be music or dancing, or something a little wackier, why not sign up?


Play Sport

On Monday afternoon the sports field will be open for everyone to go and have fun on! A great way to finish off convention!


Make Friends

Convention is all about being together with other YSA. Look out for opportunities to make new friends with people you meet, so that everyone can have a great time.


Have Fun

There will be a great range of activities on Saturday, including a big Zoological Adventure!


Get Involved

During the weekend you will get an opportunity to take part in a service project and do your part in helping your peers.


Dance - Twice

There will be dances on both Friday and Saturday evening. Friday's dance will be a barn dance and Saturday's will be a formal dance.


Great Food

Look forward to a tasty selection of food throughout the weekend, including Subway sandwiches and a carvery on Saturday.

Bristol YSA Convention 2017

Welcome to the website for the Bristol YSA Convention 2017. Get ready for one of the biggest YSA conventions in the UK! Take a look around and when you're ready, click the link to register. Also, check out our Facebook page to see all the latest updates and information.


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